We totally get it! You have started planning your wedding, you are looking for venues, The Cove interests you - but you have a MILLION questions. Well here are some answers that will hopefully give you more information and help you get one step closer to booking your dream venue. Something we forgot? Just email


We have an in-house team of stylists, florists and event staff who can help you create your dream event. Contact us today for a style meeting and detailed quote. 



When will the Function Venue be complete?

We are not promising or even mentioning any specific dates as we don't want to disappoint anyone if it goes over schedule. For that reason we are not taking any bookings in the function hall until it is complete and open to the public.


For weddings and events, we suggest that you plan to use a marquee or other such option. If possible you should arrange this with the option to cancel 8 weeks before your function, in the event that our function hall is available and you would like to use it instead of a marquee.


How much will the function venue cost when it is available?

We are not yet quoting rates for the venue until it is open and all facilities are available. It will be similar costs to if you were to have to create a venue from scratch through hiring equipment such as a marquee, floor, air conditioning, bathrooms, tables, chairs, chandeliers etc. The idea being that it wouldn't cost you any more than it would to hire all of those items. 


 Where on the property would a marquee be placed?

The marquee can be placed on the lawn near the glamping area. This is also located next to our glamping bathrooms which can be used as toilets for your event, as long as you are booking out the entire property. A 10mx21m marquee can fit in this space and from experience, a marquee of that size can fit 150 seated.


What do we use for a kitchen for catering our event?

The Fun House is the large 7 bedroom house and also features a huge commercial kitchen with several ovens, several fridges, several sinks, and plenty of bench space. The catering company you hire will need to provide their public liability insurance and ensure that they leave the space clean and empty of all food – or if they do leave food you to use, you just need to ensure you dispose of it before checkout.


How do I work out the sleeping arrangements for my guests?

This is a very personal thing and tends to be different for every function. 


We suggest that you manage the entire process, carefully allocating your guests to each room in each house and tent and have your guests pay you direct for accommodation so you can track who has paid and who is yet to pay, this gives you more control over chasing payments and following up guests who are lagging in booking and paying. You then just pay us as per your payment schedule per your booking terms and conditions.


What time is checkin?

Checkin for bookings is 4pm. In the event that we have no bookings the day before, we may be able to offer you an early check in. This can be confirmed 24 hours before your arrival. We cannot guarantee an early check in or arrange it earlier than that as we may have other guests or functions on the property who we are still servicing.


What time is checkout?

Checkout is 10am. In the event that we have no bookings coming in on the same day, we may be able to offer you a late check out. This can be confirmed 24 hours before your arrival. We cannot guarantee  late check out or arrange it earlier than that as we may have other guests or functions coming in to the property.


What the configuration and sleeping arrangements of the cabins?

1 x 7 bedroom house (sleeps 23)

3 x 3 bedrooms cabins (sleeps 6 per cabin)

6 x 2 Bedroom cabins (sleeps 6 per cabin)

3 x 2 Bedroom cabins (sleeps 5 per cabin)

1 x 1 bedroom cabin (sleeps 2)

8 x king glamping tents (sleeps 4 per tent)

Total: 126 sleeping positions


What is the music and noise policy?

All amplified noise and music needs to be turned off at 10:00pm on weeknights and Sundays and 10:30pm on Friday and Saturday. No subwoofers of any kind are allowed on the property. No drums are allowed. To have a band you must request it in writing and provide details of how many band members and what instruments will be played and get permission in writing from Management.  No bands, DJs etc allowed on the beach. While it may appear we have no neighbours, we actually do and the noise can travel to them quite easily. Noise is a serious issue and must be adhered to and will be policed to ensure a great outcome for all.

Can I bring in extra guests with their own tents or campervans?

No we can’t have any additional guests staying on the property or bringing in their own tents – we have strict guidelines of how we can operate and what our numbers are as we are in the National park.